Children experience themselves as a strand in the web of life.
Through interactive encounters they are able to develop a healthy relationship with their immediate environment.



Taking children of all communities to Cape Nature Reserves and exposing them to our natural heritage that is cape nature. Using drama to develop awareness, engaging children in the outdoors through stories, nature based activities and games. Our holiday worshops expose children to beach clean ups, plastic-reducing- artistic fun, Nature themed explorations at places like Kirstenbosch.
Our theater programme performs relevant, socially uplifting,intetactive puppet shows in all languages and engages all Capetonian cultures.

Primary school based curriculum and activities.



The learning experience is hands-on so that children utilise all their senses to come into contact with the natural elements on their school grounds. The interactions are guided by discovery, games, role-play, storytelling and observation and structured nature based activities, e.g explore with magnifying glasses, build an insect hotel, plant water wise plants using mulch for water retention. I also initiate recycling and have lots of fun turning plastic into something new with our young groups. For example: A lesson on camouflage would begin with a discussion on what the group understands about camouflage. A story would then be told and facts would be given. We would then play a game related to camouflage – find the camouflaged butterflies as a group. Questions and Quiz and sharing of fun camouflage experiences. We would then end off by colouring our own butterflies out of paper and finding a place for them to camouflage themselves. Children rediscover their school grounds through the insects they might find, the variations in trees, the different birdcalls and other natural treasures. This deeper understanding of their environment will feed into their daily learning. Children rediscover their school grounds through the insects they might find, the variations in trees, the different birdcalls and other natural treasures. This deeper understanding of their environment will feed into their daily learning.



Nature Adventurers is the fun adventure programme run during school holidays at local venues of natural beauty, for e.g. Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town. Over one or two mornings children discover the natural world through stories, games and structured nature activities, exploration and factual learning.


We outsource professional and talented performing artists and give them a platform to write, perform and learn the art of story-telling and puppetry as a performing art, thereby creating brilliant relevant theatre which empowers, reconnects children to their natural heritage that is Cape nature and celebrates being Capetonian, by speaking and performing in, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa and English and by exploring various themes which educate, create awareness: e.g. about recycling, Water wisdom, who we are as an evolving diverse city with many riches both culturally and in terms of our nature etc. I am also available to create awareness at the schools I teach, as my theatre background allows me to conjure awareness stories and campaigns which are fun At the moment we are touring a show named NOMBALI AND THE MAGIC VRUGTE TREE – A Puppet show about a young flower fairy who learns to use her Capetonian, Vaavaavaavoom and courageously overcomes her fear of flying.



  • Listened To Whale Stories

Whale Stories

We listened to whale stories , made plastic bottle whale calling trumpets and learn how whales look after the ocean [...]

  • More Habitats

More Habitats

Our Two day adventure these holidays days welcomed a diverse group of children and our theme was understanding Ocean and [...]

  • Making A Sunbird Habitat

Making A Sunbird Habitat

A sunbird habitat made during a two day holiday workshop at Kirstenbosch during winter school holidays. Links were made with [...]

  • Winter Workshop - Indoor Waterwise Garden

Winter Workshop: Indoor Waterwise Garden

Winter holiday workshop as we enjoyed the indoor waterwise garden , we listened to stories explored discovered, made whale calling [...]

  • Recycling at Little Bosch

Learning About Recycling At Little Bosch

At Little Bosch we decided to prepare our school for future recycling projects by running a Plastic Bottle Collection Drive.The [...]

  • Recycling at Camps Bay prep school - A story THE WASTE FREE WAND as we learn waste free techniques at our school

Recycling at Camps Bay Prep School

At Camps Bay Prep school we learn't the value of approaching litter as a waste free project. It is our [...]

Planting tomatoes using good permaculture principles

Our tomato plants at Cannons Creek - we planted them with seeds from tomatoes we ate & we used organic [...]

Water-wise planting & the art of permaculture

This term our children will learn the art of permaculture. It’s all about growing vegetables incorporating water-wise techniques. If we cultivate [...]

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water themed holiday workshop

Our holiday workshop this summer included the theme earth, wind, water and fire and our children participated in building a [...]

“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in.”
– Rachel Carson


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