July 2018

Whale Stories


We listened to whale stories , made plastic bottle whale calling trumpets and learn how whales look after the ocean food chain.

Whale Stories2018-07-20T20:20:30+02:00

More Habitats


Our Two day adventure these holidays days welcomed a diverse group of children and our theme was understanding Ocean and Kirstenbosch Food chains and the role humans play in protecting these habitats.

More Habitats2018-07-20T20:36:52+02:00

Making A Sunbird Habitat


A sunbird habitat made during a two day holiday workshop at Kirstenbosch during winter school holidays. Links were made with animals that live in the ocean and at Kirstenbosch and how they fit into our [...]

Making A Sunbird Habitat2018-07-20T20:34:36+02:00

Winter Workshop: Indoor Waterwise Garden


Winter holiday workshop as we enjoyed the indoor waterwise garden , we listened to stories explored discovered, made whale calling trumpets, water wise gardens on a plate, learned about our fragile ocean and forests and [...]

Winter Workshop: Indoor Waterwise Garden2018-07-20T20:40:02+02:00
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